Making a Musical Instrument

Every fifth grade student will design and make a musical instrument.

1) Get ideas for your instrument
a. Books at the public libraries
b. The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions

2) Use recycled materials. Bring them to school in a shopping bag with your name on it. Here are some suggestions for materials:
heavy cardboard tubes, wooden boxes, metal tubes, plastic tubes, scrap wood, metal scraps, old guitar strings, old pot covers, flower pots, plastic cups, fishing wire, rice, beans

3) Make your instrument in art class. Use Elmer’s glue, nails or tape to hold it together.

4) Play your instrument. Can you improve the sound? Can you make a resonator so it is louder?

5) Decorate your instrument in art class. Use paint, glitter or other items.

6) Name your instrument.

7) Write a paragraph about how you made the instrument and how it produces sound. Be sure to use these words: pitch, volume, resonance, tone quality.

8) Demonstrate your instrument to your class and explain how it was made and how it produces sound.