The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions Presents:

Gallery 13

St. Vincent de Paul School

Shepherd, Michigan

Teacher: Kimberly Voigt

"Flowerpot Bells"

by Ashley

The flowerpot bells were made out of 3 different flowerpots, black cord,

a broomstick, 3 small pieces of dowel, and paint.

I painted the flowerpots with different colored acrylic paints.

My Mom helped attach the cord to the broomstick and flowerpots.

My Mom and I made the striker with a bead and a paintbrush stick.

It took 2 1/2 hours total to make.

The sound is produced when you tap it with the striker.

The pitch is determined by the size and thickness. The bigger the pot

is, the lower the note is. The smaller the pot is, the higher the note is.