Archives of the Virtual Museum of Music Inventions

Longfellow School Musical Instruments

Spring 1998

Longfellow School

Oak Park, Illinois




Thumb Piano

by Constance E.

Popsicle Sticks and Wood



Miniature Dulcimer

by Elizabeth

Wood board with metal strings





by John L.

Wooden Box, Guitar strings



Maracas on a Stick

by David

Cup with rice inside, glued to a stick



String Drum

Rubber Bands on Metal Cans

by Jared B.



Hanging Chimes

by Stephen

Tin strips suspended by string from a wood board



Ting Thing

Nails on Wood, by Sarah S.



Percussion group

by Billy and Kathy

Rattling can, cup and striker




Metal Tubes on a Cardboard frame

by Jake O.




Straw Oboe

Plastic Straw, Connected to a Tube and a Cup.

by Andy B.



Rubber Bands and Round Box by Alex M.



Rain Stick

Green Glitter on Cardboard Tube Filled With Macaroni, Beans and Rice

by Gina H.


About the teachers: Mrs. Rexford, Music Teacher and Mrs. Flowers, Classroom Teacher