The Virtual Museum of Music Inventions  


East Memorial Elementary School

Greeley, Colorado

Here are some instruments from Mrs. Quirk's 4th grade Science Class in Greeley, CO.

Mrs. Quirk is the music specialist at East Memorial Elementary School. She teaches vocal music grades 1 - 5 but also teaches Accelerated Reading to 1st graders and 4th grade science to one class.



Harp Shaker Bongo Madness

by Alexis N., age 10





My instrument is made with five rubber bands, a wooden triangle, two glass bottles--one is small and the other is big--a colorful string, beans,and tape.

You play it by pinching the rubber bands and hitting the little bongo and by pulling up the string of the shaker.




Cardboard Guitar

By Jefferson B., Age 9


It's made out of rubber bands, nails, wood and a shoe box. First I cut a hole in the box. Then I put five rubber bands over the hole on the nails.

Then make a hole in the front and put wood in the hole. When you pluck the rubber bands it will make a sound.








Kleenex Guitar
By C.J. Onley, age 10

By Saul Martinez, age 10



It's made out of a Kleenex box, rubber bands and wood.

You pluck the rubberbands to make the sounds.











Smiles Diles

By Mayra Chaires, age10

My instrument is made of a kleenex box. I used dental floss as the string and you can pluck it with your fingers. I also glued paper to it and decorated it with smiles. You play the instrument by plucking the strings, but gently because if not there will be no sound coming out of the instrument. The instrument will make any sound. It depends on which way you hold it.




Tres Tinas Tambor

By Jennessa J. Sheets, age 9




There are five supplies.

I used three cans and two Chinese chop sticks. I decorated the cans with construction papper.

How it is played:

All you have to do is take the chop sticks and hit the cans. It's that simple! It makes 6 different sounds. Three of them are with the lid side up. The other three are with the tin side up. Its a percussion instrument.




Chris Shaker

By Chris Ramos, age 9



You get a sharpener and put rocks in it Then tape it so the rocks won't fall out the sharpener holes. You put a pencil in it for a handle and it will shake.



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