Gallery 15

Crystal Lake Central High School

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Keith Levin, Teacher


(Acronym for Bunch of Bottles)

By: Brittany W.

This instrument was constructed by suspending five painted glass bottles from a plastic framework. A sound can be produced by either striking the bottles with mallets or plucking them with your figures.

The bottles are filled with varying amounts of water to control pitch. The bottles with the least amount of water have the lowest pitch and the bottles with the most water have the highest pitch. B.O.B. has a very large range of pitches because adding even the slightest amount of water raises the pitch significantly.

It has a clear, but short resonance. It will not linger like chimes. This instrument has a round, dark, and smooth timbre. However, it is not as bright sounding as a bell because of the thickness of the glass. It is the thick glass which resonates to produce the sound. For this reason, the bottles were suspended rather than grounded, allowing the glass to vibrate more freely, amplifying the volume.

B.O.B. can emit volumes spanning from soft to moderately loud, but B.O.B. is not a particularly loud instrument.