Gallery 15

Crystal Lake Central High School

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Keith Levin, Teacher

Mambo Shakers

Katie S.

I made my maracas out of two tuna cans full of uncooked macaroni. I used large swing set screws, bolts, and washers for the handles. I then covered the cans with decorated paper.

These maracas are percussion instruments, so they do not produce different pitches. The volume can be changed by how hard you shake the maracas. The timbre can also be changed by how you shake them. If you shake them softly, you get a sort of "rainfall" feeling. If you shake them harder, it sounds sharper. You can also produce an accented feeling by varying how hard or fast you shake the maracas. There is no resonator included, but it is really not necessary because the sound of the maracas is loud enough and distinct enough that it carries over the sounds of the other instruments.