Gallery 15

Crystal Lake Central High School

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Keith Levin, Teacher

Mystical Musical Tone Box

By: Ben K.

The project I decided to make was a musical tone box. I made the instrument out of some mahogany scraps. Then I took and designed a top for the instrument. The top has a series of eight holes in it and from those holes I cut out small sections of wood in a straight line. Then, I made a second series of diagonal cuts to make the lengths of the different pieces of wood different lengths. Then I made the front of the box it acts as a directional speaker because the sound will resonate in the box and exit out of the front. The mallets that I used are made out of two super balls glued to a dowel rod and some left over fabric. Then I rubbed the box with a few coats of natural colored oil to seal the wood and bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

The timbre of my instrument is rather smooth and heavy. The pitch depends on which section of wood you hit but it ranges from high to low the longer the piece of wood the deeper the pitch. The volume depends on how hard you strike the mallets on the wood it ranges from a medium to a loud volume.