Gallery 15

Crystal Lake Central High School

Crystal Lake, Illinois

Keith Levin, Teacher

Super Crazy Three Stringed Silly Thing

by Eric J.

My instrument is called the Super Crazy Three Stringed Silly Thing. It is a stringed instrument made from a piece of pine wood, metal door supports, and guitar strings. It is played by either bowing or plucking the strings, and volume is controlled by the velocity and angle at which the string is hit.

The pitch is changed by applying pressure to the bridges to change the tension of the strings. The instrument has a harsh timbre because the pine wood allows for thin resonations, and the metal bridges and strings create chiming metal tones. I decided to use pine because it is cheap, easy to find, and produces a hollow, thin sound. I used the metal door supports because they resembled guitar bridges. I decorated the instrument with cartoon characters and pictures of my musical influences.