The Dinger

My instrument is called the Dinger. It is made out of cardboard, tape,beads, fishing line, and metal curtain rod holders. Mine is painted orange, green, and yellow, but the colors may vary. It is played by shaking the cardboard or by quickly pulling the beads on top of the cardboard that hold the suspended metal curtain hangers.

The Dinger resembles a chime and sounds similar to bells.

The Dinger is part of the percussion family. I found that out becausewhen the metal hangers hit each other or are abruptly brought to a halt, they vibrate. This causes a sharp, "PING!" sound.

The scientific theory has to do with suspension and vibration. The metal holder has to be suspended properly or else the Dinger wouldn't work. If it did it would have a very faint blunt sound. The way the Dinger' s suspension is set up is by having the fishing line not having to wrap around the metal hanger. If it were to, the sound wouldn't be so sharp because the string stops the metal hanger from vibrating. So, I put the string through the metal hanger hole, wrapped the fishing line around the bead and back through the same hole I put it into in the metal hanger.That way the vibration isn't muffled by the string.

By: Sarah, Trinity School Seventh Grade