Essay Assignment
Write About Your Musical Instrument

1. Think about your musical instrument.
2. Fill in the blanks on this page to complete each sentence.
3. Have someone check your work. This is the rough draft of your essay!
4. Copy the sentences on another sheet of paper.
5. Copy the whole sentence. That means you will copy the type-written words and your own words.
6. Remember to indent each paragraph.
7. Get help editing your work.
8. Type your final copy. (If you cannot type it, you may write it neatly in ink.)

Paragraph One--

My instrument is called _________________________________________. I got the idea for making my instrument from __________________________________ _________________________________________________________________. My instrument belongs to the _________________________ family. (For this sentence, choose one of these words: string, percussion, woodwind, brass. If you are not sure, ask for help!) One interesting thing about my instrument is_____________________________

Paragraph Two

To make my instrument I used the following materials: ___________________,
___________________, _____________________, and ___________________. I found my materials ______________________________________________.

Paragraph Three

I made my instrument by__________________________________________
___________________________________________. One person who helped me with my instrument was ________________________________. ________________
helped me by ________________________________. The biggest problem I had when making my instrument was _________________________________________.