by William P.

It’s a percussion instrument because when you hit it, it rumbles

The Steps For The PPD

1.  Get a water bottle, 2 soda cans, and a hair spray bottle.

2.  Get some rope and beads and clear tape.
First put the beads in the cans and in the bottles.
Then put the clear tape and put it on the top of the bottles and cans.

3. Get a hanger and and some more rope and a stick.  First you wrap the bottles and cans around the stick with the rope then get more rope and wrap it around the stick and the hanger.


The drum is low but the cans are a high pitch
The drum is a low volume but the cans are high
The drum is pleasant but the cans are irritating

  •  Hair Spray Bottle
  • Beads
  • Spoon
  • Water Bottle
  • Coffee Can
  • Cans
  • Clear Tape