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The Gizilo
by Simon

My instrument's name is GIZILO. I made up the name but the instrument was my Dad’s idea.  We used copper wire, wood, nuts, washers, screws, a drill bit, and a jig saw.

I made the body of the instrument. My dad made the rest of it.  First, we used a piece of a 2 by 4 and used a jig saw to make a shape. My dad guided me by tracing lines for me. Then we smoothed it out.  We spray painted the instrument black.

Next, we put one screw on each nut and drilled it into the board with a drill bit. But we didn’t drill it all the way yet. We took the copper wire and wrapped it around the screws. We tightened the copper wire by drilling the screws all the way in.

Then we had a problem….THE WIRES WERE LOOSENING UP ! But my Dad tightened the screws and used lock nuts this time.

The way to play my instrument is to glide your fingers across the strings.

I can easily adjust my instrument by loosening or tightening the screws with a drill bit.  My instrument can make about 8 different sounds, such as a kink sound or a xylophone sound, and all kinds of sounds!