Double click the photo to hear the sound.

by Tyler

My instrument is called the PVC Flute. My dad gave me the idea. He thought it would be cool. My instrument belongs to the woodwinds. It has just a couple ports. That is my instrument.

Here is what I used to make this instrument. The things I used are pvc pipe and pvc capes. I got my stuff at Menards. It is pvc pipes. That is what I used to make my instrument.

The way I made my instrument is by getting help from my dad. I had to drill holes in it. So then it would make more than one sound. My dad did the things I couldn’t do. He put holes in it and cut it in half. I painted it.

This is how I half to play my instrument. There is a hole on the top of the flute. So then I have to blow across the hole to make it work. The way I change the sound is  there are holes on the top of the flute. It gets lower when you put all of your fingers on the holes. It gets higher and louder when you take fingers off the  holes.

    My instrument is in the woodwind family. It was  fun to make it with my dad. He was a big help. It is hard. A another thing is to take your time on it.