Double click the photo to hear the sound.

by Connor and Gabriel
Our instrument’s name is the QUADRUM. It’s named that because it has 4 cans to hit. We got the idea because it sounded cool. It is a percussion instrument.

Our materials were used perfectly. We found our materials around the house. We first spray painted the PVC pipe and the box. We were going to have four cans hang but they didn’t fit. So we put one on the box. We hung the cans with fishing line. After we decorated it, it was finished.

The common way to play it is to hit the cans but you can hit the box and the PVC. Also, you can scrape the sides of the cans. We really enjoyed working together and we would do it again. The coolest part was to get to work with each other. We want to thank our parents for the help. We learned that almost anything can make sound.