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Thingys and Bits
by Joe M.

The name of my instrument is Thingys and Bits. I don’t really remember how I thought of this: the idea just came to me. Thingys and Bits belongs to the percussion family because you beat it with a drumstick. The pitch sounds medium it really doesn’t pass to either side. (It's neither high nor low.)

For Thingys and Bits I used some kind of bar, a pan thing, little beads from a bead necklace, and bent forks. My base is a skateboard so I can scratch and whack it. I found all of these materials in the garage. Yeah that’s right, just stuff from the garage. The bar is just plain white.  I polished the pan thing up and I just took the skateboard deck and took the wrapper off, but, the weird thing is I found the forks already bent.

Well pretty much I went around my garage with a pair of drumsticks looking for stuff that sounded cool. Once I found something, I put it on the ping-pong table and kept looking. My mom and dad really helped me by letting me use the materials that I needed. I pretty much made the whole thing on my own because I didn’t need to paint or drill. Really my only problem was getting the beads to stay, but with a little tape it stayed.

My instrument is really easy to play. You can just scratch, hit, and rub. You can scratch the grip tape, hit the pan thing and the forks, and you can rub the bar. You can change the pitch and volume by hitting it harder. The sound really depends on how hard or soft you play it.

I was really excited when I was done. It turned out even better than I thought it would. My two favorite parts of making my instrument were making it and playing it. When I was making my instrument I learned how to be self-sufficient.