The bLiZoKoEf

By Sarah and Falesha

When our music teacher gave us the instrument project, Falesha and I decided to be partners. That weekend we decided what to make, we decided to make a cello and a violin.

Here's how we made the instrument: first you need the supplies, which consist of a wide tube, some 60 lb fishing line, a violin bow (you make your own using a paint stick and fishing line), a small wooden block, and a Styrofoam craft block.

When you gather all the materials first take a sharp knife and cut three slits on the tube both top and bottom (a parent may need to ehlp you with this). Second, cut three pieces of fishing line (make sure the line is long enough to stretch top to bottom of the tube) tie knots at ONLY one end of the fishing line. Third slide the side with the knot into the slit and pull the string to the end and tie the knot into the slide with the knot on the inside and repeat for all three strings.

Make sure that you have different pitches; the tighter the line, the higher the note, the looser the string, the lower the note. Fourth when finished string the line insert the Styrofoam block about 3/4 of the way down under the strings. Then on top of the Stryofoam insert the wooden block (make sure all three strings are resting on the wood). Fifth after you have finished the instrument you can decorate the tube (we recommend using acrylic paint).

That's how we make the bLiZoKoEf!


Double click the picture to hear the sound.