The Drarp

By Kyra

I wanted to make a harp, but I also wanted to make a drum. So I came up with The Draarp.

First I went to Wal-Mart to get all the supplies. I got a bag of balloons and different length rubber bands. My dad got a piece of wood from his friend JR. It was flat at the top and on one side, and slanted on the other side.

We also had to get some cans. Then we glued the cans to the top of the wood and put nail across from each other with the space getting bigger with each nail. Dad and I had to put the rubber bands on the nails after that.

My step-dad, Jason got some stain for me to put on the drarp. I laid newspapers on the table and used a brush to put the stain on. I had to make sure that it was even.

Then I checked to see if I had the balloons on tight enough, and the rubber bands were secured.

You play it by hitting the drums and plucking or strumming the strings. That is how I made and played The Drarp.


Double click the photo to hear the sound.