By Spencer

My instrument is a member of the percussion family. I named this the JSPercussion because J is for my Grandpa's name, Jim, S is for my name, Spencer, and Percussion because it's in the percussion family. I chose to add my Grandpa's initial because he helped make my instrument.

It all started out when I looked around the house for something that I could make an instrument out of. While I was brushing my teeth, I went to throw away a cup and it came to me. I was going to use the trash can in the bathroom for my instrument.

The next weekend, my Mom and Dad took me over to stay at my Grandparent's house. I asked my Grandpa if he could help me make my instrument because he has a shop. He agreed to help me. The next day we went down to his shop in the basement and started making my instrument. The first thing we did was drill holes into the sides of the plastic can liner. Then we wound wire through the holes wrapping around the handle of the liner. This creates a gong-like sound when I press down the foot pedal and let it go. Then we fastened a metal bendable tube with ridges to the can liner with copper wire. It serves the dual purpose of being able to bang on it and saw on it with a spoon so that it makes a low toned cricket-like sound.

After that we took a piece of hollow metal towel bar that my Grandpa didn't need for his bathroom and wrapped another piece of copper wire around the metal tube. Next, we slid on the piece of towel bar and stuck a fork in the end of the towel bar. When I bang on it with a spoon, it creates a rattling sound.


Double click the picture to hear the sound!