By Tata

It all started out when I showed my mom the paper about building an instrument. We sat down and decided what we were going to make. My dad came in and said why not make a rattle? I said no, then my mom said how about a tambourine and I also said no. I said I wanted to make a drum. We talked and talked and even sketched down a couple of drawings. Then finally I got to go to the store and we bought some fabric and sticks. We also bought some wood to go in between the drums.

Here are the steps I completed to make my drum:

  • paint the lid of the drum
  • take a staple gun and staple the fabric on the drum (have an adult do that)
  • glue down the bottom of the fabric
  • take a paper bag and the drum on top of the paper bag, and then glue the gab down at the bottom of the drum
  • take the sticks and the wood measure &endash; cut them with a power saw (have an adult do that)
  • glue the sticks over the staples
  • take the rope and glue it to both sides of the drum
  • play the drum

Double click the photo to hear the sound!