Puppy Blues

By Caitie and Melanie

The name of our instrument is Puppy Blues. We thought of the name because we wanted to make an instrument that could play the blues and we both love dogs.


The materials used were plastic, wood, jingle bells, guitar strings, blue spray paint, and little plastic toy dogs. We found all of the materials at Menards, except for the toy dogs. We got them at Wal-Mart. We nailed down the wood and screwed down the plastic for the drum.


My dad helped us by putting the wood together and he also bought the materials. We had to tie the strings together to make them stay. The problems we had was securing the bells on the string. It took a long time because the loops on the bells were really small.


There is different ways to play our instrument. You can pluck the strings, or beat on the drum, or jingle the bells. The pitch of the strings will change by twisting the screws.


We like the dogs, the color, and the sounds our instruments makes. It was hard to make, but we think it's the best.


Double click the photo to hear the sound!