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Raining Rain Sticks

By Art

I got the idea for rain sticks from the internet after looking up how to make home-made musical instruments.

To start my instrument project, I got wrapping paper rolls, toothpicks, plastic Cool whip lids, beads, and yarn. Tools I needed were: scissors, tape, and markers.

I traced one of the ends of the wrapping paper roll on the plastic lid so it would fit on each end of the wrapping paper roll. Next I taped a circle to one end of the roll.

Then I began to take toothpicks and made holes on both sides so the toothpicks could be inserted through the tube. Each toothpick was about one inch from each from the other at a variety of angles- they looked like "X's inside the tube. I then cut off the ends of the toothpicks on the outer side of the tube, so they did not stick out like a Viking bat torture device.

Then I put in about 20-plus beads inside the roll and closed up the other end with the other plastic circles. After that was finished, I wrapped yarn around the outside of the tube so it was decorated. I made a second rain stick to add to the sounds. I like the sound of the sticks. They really sound like rain.