Strummin' with Jingle Bells

By Reigan

My musical instrument is called Strummin' with Jingle Bells. I worked with my dad for this project. We used a large box, tempera paint, yarn, bells, and foam stamps. First, we took a box from my house. Then I painted it green, my base color. I let it dry and then did a second coat. Once the second coat dried, we took some different color paints and foam stamps and scatted them around the box. Then, we cut a butterfly shape in the middle. Once the middle was cut out, we put some short and long rubber band across the top to make the tone. After that, I put some jingle bells onto the middle of the yarn. Then, we strung the yarn through the two holes and tied them in the inside. After those bells were on, it dawned on me that Strummin' with Jingle Bells was a good name. I don't know how I thought of it. I just looked at the box and thought of clever and catchy names, and that was one of them.

Double click on the photo to hear the sound!