Circle Backed Harp by Kendra

I named my instrument Circle Backed harp. I got the idea from a similar instrument on a web site. It belongs to the string family. The sounds it makes are soft, so it's best to play it in a quiet place.

I used rubber band, tape, paint, glue, jewelry, and an embroidery hoop. I found the materials around my house. I used eight different rubber bands, purple paint, different colored jewels, crayons, a shoebox lid for the back, and tape.

I put the rubber band on the inside part of the embroidery hoop, taped them down and cut the circle of the shoebox lid to fit. My dad held it as I put the rubber bands on. When I play my instrument, I pluck the string. I panicked, was excited, and was happy when I heard that we were going to do this project. I learned to just be creative!