The Tuba Phone by Madison

The name of my instrument is the Tuba Phone. I got the idea of making this instrument from the web. I took a lot of ideas that I found and mixed them together! That's how I got the idea of my instrument. My instrument is (rubber) brass. The Tuba Phone's looks are patriotic. It has a low pitch. The materials I used for my instrument were: half a garden hose, a small funnel, a large funnel, and colored electrical tape. The colors are red, white, and blue. I had adult supervision cutting the garden hose and taping the funnels to the hose. I used more than half of each role of tape. That's a lot!


During the process of making my instrument I got kind of frustrated while putting the tape on the hose. It seemed like it took forever. It was also a challenge making sure the tape was on straight.

I like making this instrument because I got to do a lot of experimenting and fun designing. I learned how to make new pitches and how to use good craftsmanship!