Basketball Bell 05

By Brandon


I like to play basketball a lot. So I decided to make something with a basketball. I believe it belongs to the percussion family. It's a basketball with elastic around the middle and bells glued on the elastic. The volume is soft. The tone quality is a soothing sound.

The materials I used were a basketball, elastic, glue, and bells. I found them downstairs in my house. The bells have a jingle sound.

I got the ball and cleaned it up. Then I put the elastic on the basketball. Next I glued the elastic. Then I glued the bells on the elastic. My mom helped me with the glue and with the bells. We had a little trouble with the glue and putting it on the ball.

I can bounce or shake my instrument. I really like the different sounds. I like it because it's lots of fun. I learned that making an instrument can be pretty difficult sometimes and lots of fun too.


Click on the picture to hear the sound of the Basketball Bell.