Boom Boom Stick

By Sean

My instrument is called the Boom Boom Stick or B.B.S for short. I got the idea by liking one instrument and then liking another. Then I had a brainstorm… and put them together on a pole. My instrument is in the percussion family. My instrument has a long pole, with an oval container on the end and two square plastic containers with lids on the opposite sides of the large oval container.

The materials list for my instrument are: one sun tea container, one bag of colorful aquarium rocks, two small plastic containers with lids, eight screws, duct tape, and a metal pole. I found the materials at Wal-Mart.

I made my instrument by drilling a hole in the bottom of the Sun Tea container, and then I slid I slid the metal pole through the hole. Next, I put the aquarium rocks in tho Sun Tea container by lifting the lid. To make sure they stayed in, I duct taped the lid shut. Then I put the small containers onto the side of the Sun Tea container. I did this without putting the lids on. Then I put their lids on, and drilled holes in the lids because they make a deeper sound when you strike them. My Dad took me to Wal-Mart to buy all the parts, and he helped me with his drill. We had a few problems, like tike trying to get the stick in the bottom of the Sun Tea container, and attaching the small containers to the side.


Click on the picture to hear the sound of the Boom Boom Stick.

To play the instrument, you strike the small containers with a long handled spoon, and then shake the Sun Tea container. You can change the volume by either shaking hard or soft. The sound changes by striking the small containers with the spoon. You can also strike the metal pole on the ground to shake the rocks.

When I first heard about this project, I thought creating an instrument would be cool and fun. Making noise with an instrument is what I like. While making my instrument, I learned to make it nice and how to handle it.