By Nolan

The name of my instrument is the Draino. I got the idea of making it when I was thinking of how you could combine a piano and a drum. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. My instrument changes pitch just like a piano, but sound like a drum.

I used wood, bouncy balls, a waterspout, metal, nails and spray paint. I found these materials looking through my grandpa's garage. The wood I used was plywood, a small thin wood. Bouncy balls are balls that hard very hard and bounce high.

I made my instrument by screwing nails through the plywood to connect it to the sides and top. Then I put a nail though the end to hold the keys in place. Next I screwed the bouncy balls to the keys. After that I glued the waterspout to the wood. After all of that I put a light coat of blue spray paint on my Driano. My grandpa sawed the keys for me. The rest of the things I did on my own. Some problems that I faced were fitting the keys on my driano.

I play my instrument by applying pressure to the keys. I change the pitch by pushing down harder. I can only play my instrument one way.

In the end, my project was a success. The thing I liked about this project was thinking outside the box, and looking for the supplies. I learned not to wear my good clothes while working, and the need to have good parental supervision.


Click on the picture to hear the sound of the Draino..