P.V.C. Pipanator

By Taylor and Yaniv

We got our idea by looking on the Internet at other musical inventions. It looks like a piece of wood with six strings attached to it with P.V.C. pipe around it.

Our instrument is made of P.V. C. pipes and wood. We named it the P.V. C Pipanator. It belongs to the string family. Our parents helped by buying the materials at Home Depot.

We cut the pipes with a hacksaw. We drilled the holes for the pipes and the wood kept breaking. We sanded the rough edges. We measured and cut slats of wood to raise the main board. After that we nailed more slats of wood to the bottom of the main board to make a "box" for the string part. We drilled a hole for in the main part and strung guitar strings over the hole.

You can play it by plucking the strings and hitting the PVC pipes of blowing in them.


Click on the picture to hear the sound of the P.V. C. Pipanator.