By Lauren


The name of my instrument is the Wingabelling. My dad went to a craft store and picked out different items and brought them home. He then helped me put the items together in a unique way to design and create my musical instrument. My instrument belongs to the idiophone family.

My instrument consists of a metal bird, different size bells, and a wooden pole. My dad and I put the Wingabelling together by first spray-painting the metal bird. Then we tied the bird onto a wooden pole, and put a handle on the pole.

To play the Wingabelling you hold the handle and swing the instrument slowly. That causes the bells to start ringing. To make the sound of the bells louder, you swing the instrument faster.

During the process of making the Wingabelling, I learned that it's not as easy as you think to create a musical instrument. It takes a lot of planning and work to design something unique. I enjoyed making the Wingabelling because it challenged me to work my mind to the fullest.

Click on the picture to hear the sound of the Wingabelling