Complicated Confetti Contraption

by Paris

The name of my instrument is the Complicated-Confetti-Contraption.

I was sitting down on the sofa watching TV while my family (mom & grandma) were recalling how their New Year's Eve party went. That was when I remembered that every New Year's day confetti and fireworks were set off, that's when the idea hit me. My instrument is mainly percussion, but I learned that different objects vibrate differently to create different tones, pitches, and volume levels.

To make my instrument I used a shoebox, the top of a plastic apple, broken metal chimes, a plastic spoon, tissue, and a whole lot of confetti! Since my Aunt has everything you could possibly imagine, I went to her for every constructive thing I needed. She went to work immediately. Rainbow confetti, empty shoebox, and, well, you get the picture.

I picked up the shoebox, examined it, and set to work. I glued the bottom of the apple inside of the box and angled the top of the apple on the corner of the box, placing the spoon on the opposite end. Afterwards I strung the chimes from the inner-ceiling of the box. My mom and Aunt took part in helping me collect the materials, but wanted me to be more independent with the idea.

To play my instrument, you need a mallet, stick, pencil plus a good sense of fun. Hitting it hard of soft will change the sound. The kind of object you use to play it will also make the pitch vary. I have many different types of sound on my instrument. Making an instrument increases your creativity level a lot. I leaned that being original is difficult.