Cougar Stick

by Emily

Click the picture to hear the sound!


My instrument is called a Cougar Stick. I made it with my mom. The main part of it is made of a piece of PVC tubing that my mom got for free at Menards. She bought 2 caps for the ends and some bolts to go through the middle. It is filled with elbow macaroni. My mom drilled the holes for the bolts and 3 more for me to leave either uncovered or cover for different pitches. We spray painted it black and let it dry overnight. The next night we painted some cougar prints on it and filled it with the macaroni and put the caps on the ends. We painted the bolts and nuts gold, put the bolts in the holes, and put the nots on the bolts. It is meant to either shake or turn upside down. If you put your fingers over the holes it changes the pitch.