PVC Piano

by Trevor

Click on the picture to hear the sound! 

My instrument is called The PVC piano. I needed something that could rhyme with PVC so I picked "piano." The instrument family my instrument belongs to is the percussion family.

The pitch of my instrument is high and low but mostly low.

The materials I used for my instrument are PVC pipe, bar, screws, nuts, and a wooden dowel

I found the screws and bolts and stuff on my Dad's workbench. My Dad and I then went to the hardware store called Menard's. We bought the PVC pipe, wooden dowel and metal pipe at Menard's. PVC pipe is a type of pipe that is hard plastic that was used for the frame and keys. The metal bar is struck by the keys and the wooden dowel holds the keys to the plastic frame.

I started out with a chair frame made out of PVC pipe. Then with the dowel, we placed it as a bar to hold the keys. Then with the PVC pipes I made the keys. I had to cut the PVC pipe with my Dad's saw for the keys. The cutting of the PVC pipe was fun and easy. Once cut, I put the keys on the dowel, then I connected the dowel to the chair-like piece. Then I connected the bar so the keys would strike it. My Dad helped drill the holes and helped cut the PVC pipe. My Dad started the work but I finished it. I made the keys and connected the PVC pipes together.

The problem I had was how the screws and bolts kept falling out of the end of the keys (PVC pipe filled with nuts and screws). To prevent the screws and bolts falling out I taped the ends of the keys.


The way you play my PVC Piano instrument is to push on the end of the keys but not hard or else the dowel would break. The keys hit the bar and make sound. The way you change the pitch in my instrument is to go higher on the scale with a key filled with small screws or metal.

The way to change the tone of my instrument is to tape off the end of the keys.

Once I was done with my instrument project I was very satisfied. I like making things that you can either try or use and this was one of them. I learned how to make the change the sound or even make it louder by putting different pieces inside the keys like screws or bolts and even nails.