by Jake

Click on the picture to hear the sound! 

The instrument I made is called the Sympho-glass. I got the idea from something my mom told me. She said she saw a man who had a lot of fish bowls around him, all with different amounts of water in them. When he hit them, they all sounded different pitches. My mom suggested that we do something like that.

My instrument belongs to the percussion family. It is six jars on a board of wood; the jars are all different shapes and sizes. The smallest jar makes the highest sound. A medium-size jar makes the lowest. I found the board in my house, and the six jars I got at the Goodwill. I also used a hot glue gun, and no slip padding.

I made the instrument by hot gluing squares of padding on the board. Then I hot glued the jars onto the padding. My parents helped by showing me how to do it, and gluing the first jar onto the board. I did all the rest. I didn't run into any problems while making my instrument.

To play my instrument, you just hit one of the jars with a mallet, and it makes sound. You can change the pitch of the sound by hitting different jars. Making this instrument was fun!