by Blake

Click on the picture to hear the sound! 


My instrument is called the Xylotone. My mom and I looked on the internet to get some ideas. The instrument that I made belongs to the percussion family. It has many different tones.

We used eyelet screws, wood, brackets, fish line, screws, spray paint, and wind chimes. The materials we used were found in our garage.

First my mom and I had to cut the wood. Then I spray painted the wood. Next we screwed the frame together. Last of all we put fish line, eyelets, and chimes on the frame. We had trouble getting the fish line through the wind chimes so we used a fish weight.

To play my instrument I use a mallet the hit the chime. Every chime is a different pitch, because it is a different length.

I was worried because I did not think it would work. The part I really like was spray-painting. I learned that you have to put your mind together to build something creative.