Bells on a Bike

by Donald H.

Materials: Spray paint, a roller off a boat trailer, machine bolts, large bell, small bell, scrap metal, perforated angle iron, drill, bike.

Procedure: The first thing I did was to measure how far it is from the bicycle seat to the tire. The next thing I did was measure my angle iron and cut it to the desired length. Then I drilled holes in the angle iron. The holes are to attach my invention to the bike seat with machine bolts.

Next, we took two machine bolts and attached them perpendicular to the angle iron. They are located about half way down the angle iron. I then attached another piece of angle iron across the two machine bolts. The reason for this is to attach both the small and large bells.

Next, I ran the boat trailer roller across the center of the angle iron. I attached it with another machine bolt. Then I spray painted it black.

At this point I attached both bells to the angle iron with scrap metal. My invention is now ready to be attached to the bike seat. Finally, I tested my invention. It worked!

Instrument Family: Percussion section -- because the music comes from a bell.