My Musical Instrument

by Natalie S.

My musical instrument's name is Frisband. It is made from odds and ends that I found. The body of this instrument is a frisbee and the strings are from rubber bands. That is why its name is Frisband.

The steps I used to make my instrument are the following:

First I took the frisbee and stretched two rubber bands across it to form a cross. This made sound, but not much.

Then I took three game pieces and tied a rubber band around them to make a triangle shape.

Next I put these pieces into the middle of the instrument. This solved my problem of only one sound. By the time I was done with this, I had an instrument that could make almost four different sounds.

I believe my instrument belongs in the string family. One reason is that strings, or rubber bands in this case, are used to make the sound. Another reason is that you do not produce any sound by blowing into this instrument. My instrument is based on vibration from strings and a raised middle to produce higher and lower sounds. I also put the game pieces at a diagonal position so no two strings would sound alike.

My final conclusion is that a frisbee can be used for a lot more than just a game.