Tinker Drum

Justin D., 4th Grade

The drum is made out of a coffee can, beads, leather string leather hide, paint. Tinker toy mallets are used to play it. The Tinker Drum is a part of the percussion family.



Sun Drum

by Jory C., 4th Grade

The drum, part of the percussion family, is made from a coffee can, lace, and rubber.


The Drummer

by Noelle M.,4th Grade

My instrument is from the percussion family. It is made out of a plastic container, beads, pencils, and Saran Wrap. It makes noise by hitting the pencils on the container and the beads pop up. It sounds like a drum and a maraca together.


Bong Drums

by Stephanie H., 4th Grade

My drums are made from coffee cans, colored felt, and cardboard hearts.

The Bong Drums are part of the percussion family because they are struck.