The Harp A Bands


I made my instrument out of wood, nails, and elastic bands. First I had to find a big piece of wood and find an electric saw to cut out the shape. When I was done with that I found some paints and figured out what design I wanted to paint on it. After I was done painting my design on the harp, I got some nails and nailed them in a pattern to the harp. I then got some elastic bands and stretched them between the nails so they would make a nice sound. After that I took some of my leftover wood and cut out small rectangular pieces of wood to be a stand for the harp. I took a hammer and gently tapped the harp so it would slip into the pieces of wood. When I did that the small pieces of wood slid in. I was happy I made a harp and it was a lot of fun!

-Megan, 4th Grade