Cat Dip Guitar

By Joylynn T.

I made the Cat Dip Guitar, and it is in the chordophone family since it is a guitar. This was a fun instrument to make, yet challenging at the same time. I wanted to make an instrument that was similar to the average guitar, yet different so that it could be a unique tool in orchestrating music.

It was made of a cardboard box, and I cut a rectangular hole in the center of the top of the box. I made the neck out of wooden paint stirrers, and the strings are made of rubber bands of different sizes. I painted the box light blue and I stained the neck a very dark brown to add different color affects.

The timbre is somewhat rough and a little brittle. When plucked, the strings can be high or low in pitch depending on the length or thickness of the strings. If the strings are plucked lightly, then the volume will be quieter than if you strike the strings hard. For the Cat Dip guitar you can use your fingers or even a pick on the strings.

This guitar has good resonance because the square cut out in the box makes it so that the sound goes inside the box, hits the back of it, and comes back out producing sound. The Cat Dip guitar is very unique because since the strings are so flexible and close together, you can have one string hit another, which produces a resounding noise. It is something very fun to experiment with. This is a fun guitar to learn, and it was tricky, yet enjoyable to make.