The Beaux Carillon

By Elizabeth P.


The Beaux Carillon is a member of the idiophone family since sound is produced by the chimes hitting against one another.

I created these chimes by using scrap pinewood, pieces of brass piping and paint. First, I constructed the wooden frame. Then, I cut the brass pipes, making sure that each pipes was an inch shorter than the last. Then, I drilled holes in the top of the brass pipes and ran fishing line through then holes. Then I hung the pipes from the top of the wooden frame and decorated the frame with some musical note designs.

The pitch of this instrument is high because the pipes are short. The pitch changes depending on the length of the tube. The volume can be very loud or soft, depending on how you run your hand through the pipes. If you push the pipes together with a hard hit, then they will be louder. If you gently run your hand through the pipes, then they will be softer.

This instrument has good resonance because of the material the pipes are made of. The timbre of this instrument is rather metallic because the pipes are made out of brass.