Panpipes Plus Percussion

by Megan K.

My instrument is named P3 or Panpipes Plus Percussion. It belongs to both the idiophone and the aerophone families. The instrument produces sound by blowing into the pipes or shaking it.

The timbre of the panpipes is airy and shrill on the high tones. The low tones are airy and dull. The timbre of the brass chimes is clanky and metallic. The volume is relatively soft. When you blow through the pipes with more air, the volume gets louder. Each tube of the panpipe is a different length to create a different pitch. The shorter tubes get the faster vibrations, causing a higher pitch. The longer tubes have slower vibrations, causing a lower pitch. The resonance is caused by vibrations in the tubes. The vibrations aid in making the pitches through the amplification of the sound within air columns.

I made this instrument made by taking brass tubing and cutting it into various lengths with a special cutter. Then, I plugged the ends with a mirror tape to seal off the tubes. I wove string around the tubes to hold them in place. Finally, I glued two strips of brass to hold the tubes flat. I decorated the brass strips with paint. I hung pieces of brass from the plates to make the chimes.