Bottle Xylophone

By: Ariel C.

Bottles make great musical instruments. To achieve the different pitches I added different levels of water inside the bottles. Tapping the bottles with a stick of some sort causes the bottle to vibrate and produce sound. The water dampens these vibrations, so, the less water in the bottle, the faster the bottle vibrates and the higher the pitch, and vice versa.
To control the volume, you hit the bottles harder or softer. The resonance occurs due to the shape of the bottle and the amount of water in the bottles. This homemade instrument is an Idiophone, which is an instrument that makes sound by being hit. The timbre of these bottles are: bright, cheerful, and sharp.

I made this instrument by taking empty juice bottles and adding water at different levels to make the different pitches and then put dye into the water to make it more colorful and creative. To make the sound I hit the bottles with a wire whisk and a pencil with metal on the end.