The Shadow Lyre

By: Veronica W.

My instrument is called Shadow Lyre. I made it using a small square wooden block nailed to two narrow rectangle blocks on the ends. On the other opposite ends there are cardboard wings which amplify the sound, giving the Shadow Lyre a greater resonance.

The strings are represented with five rubber bands which are twisted in order to make five different pitches.

The sound is created by plucking the strings. To play the instrument softly you gently pluck the strings from along the side of them, but to get a high pitch sound you pluck the strings toward you.

Dark, heavy, gloomy, deep, and rich are words that can describe the sound of the instrument.

The instrument is held by the wooden handle on the top and the instrument lays across your forearm. It is called shadow lyre because of its dark colors and resemblance to an ancient harp.