Drumage by Alex

I call my instrument Drumage. I got the idea from my snare drum. My Drumage has three notes on it. I also have two drumsticks. They are made of a spoon, film case and I also have rice inside both of them. They are both different lengths because I need to hit two different things. My Drumage is a cool instrument. You can have one for just $2,000,000,95. Thank you very much.

It is made of a big pie plate and a small pie plate. It also has a cylindrical tube that has a spoon in it. I also have two drum sticks.

My instrument is part of the percussion family. I found my materials to make my instrument from Mrs. M. I play my Drumage by hitting the notes with my two drumsticks. If I shake the drum stick, it starts to rattle. I can also hit the spoon with the sticks. It makes a high pitched sound.

When I first completed this instrument, a lot of people thought it was funny. I thought of my idea from playing my snare drum. I learned that I can make use of my imagination to make anything I want. I also learned that anyone can make a simple instrument than can have pitches and different volumes and sounds.