Duo Drums by James

My instrument is called Duo Drums. I got the idea because I like drums. It belongs to the percussion family. It's a big cylinder and has a loud and high pitch.

I used foil, rubber bands, Folgers cans, and beans. I found my materials at my house and school.

I put the foil as the skin and the base was the Folgers can. My music teacher, Mrs. M, helped me by finding Folgers cans and beans. I had problems because I couldn't find out what I wanted to make. I also had problems because the first material I used broke so I used foil.

You can either play it with your hand or straws. You can change the volume by thumping your hands harder or lighter. You can either shake it slow or fast, pound it loud or soft.

I enjoyed it. It was an easy project. I like the projects Mrs. M gives us. They're fun. I liked how you can experiment and construct things. I learned you can make an instrument easily and you can make it fun.