Mega Rainmaker 3000 by Zebadiah

My instrument is called the Mega Rainmaker 3000. I got the idea from my rainmaker at home. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. One thing interesting about my instrument is that it has two rainmakers in one.

To make my instrument I used the following materials: empty package tube, paper towel tube, beans and rice. I found my materials from Mrs. M's bag and her help.

I made my instrument by putting beans in the bigger tube and rice in the small tube. I also used hot glue, some paper, and tape. Two people who helped me with my instrument were Trevor and Mrs. M. One of the biggest problems I had making my instrument was the attachment would fall off.

I liked making my instrument because I like to create something. It might not be creative but I liked the way I made it. It doesn't matter to me the way it works or if it works at all. I feel good that I created something that someone would see and like to look at and play.

The site my class used is www. I am eager to have the class look at my instrument and to share it with many people.