Midnight Shaker by Caitlin


My instrument is called Midnight Shaker. I got my idea from making my instrument from my imagination. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. One interesting thing about my instrument is that it looks like a starry night.

To make my instrument I used the following materials: cardboard, a bowl, pie pan, rice and wax paper. I found my materials at home and school.

I made my instrument by putting a pie pan between two pieces of cardboard with rice in it. Then I put a small bowl on top with rice in it. After that, I put some wax paper on the sides and small pie pan on top. One person who helped me with my instrument was Mrs. M. Mrs. M helped me by using the hot glue gun to glue everything together and giving me ideas about my instrument. The biggest problem I had when making my instrument was putting on the wax paper.