The Rainmaker Deluxe by Theresa

My project is called the Rainmaker Deluxe. I made it from a long tube filled with rice and beans. It is a member of the percussion family and works by shaking it.

Working the Rainmaker Deluxe is easy. By shaking it back and forth or turning it upside down it makes the sound of rain. The slower it shakes or turns, the slower the rain sounds. The faster it shakes or turns, the faster the rain sounds.

I made it by sealing one end of a tube and filling the tube with rice and beans. After I filled the tube I sealed the other end. I then spray painted the tube green.

I came up with the idea for the instrument when it was raining outside. I looked out the window and heard the rain hitting the house. One interesting thing is that it really sounds like rain.

My mother and father helped me with supplies and Dad took the project and me into the woods and showed me how to spray paint.

The only problem I had was when it spilled all over the room at school.