(3 in 1) by Lamonte

My instrument is called (3 in 1). I named it (3 in 1) because it is a guitar, drum, and a shaker. I made it because I thought it would be interesting. I call it (3 in 1) because it has three different things in just one can.

I used beans, tape, paper and rubber bands to make three different things. I worked on it in school but I didn't have the right things so I brought it home. My mom bought the things that I needed to do this project. At the top I used rubber bands to make a guitar. At the bottom I used a piece of paper to make a drum. In the inside I used a jar of marbles to make a shaker.

This project was hard at first because I never did it before until now. It was a lot of FUN. This project is the best I ever did. Town and Country is the only school that I've been to that had projects in music.