Tridrumit by Bénet

The name of my instrument is Tridrumit. I got the idea because I like to beat things so I made a drum. My instrument belongs to the percussion family. My instrument looks like a bongo with a smaller drum on the side.

The materials I used were wax paper, purple and yellow felt, hot glue, and ice cream tubs. I found the materials in the bags Mrs. M brought in.

First, I cut wax paper and taped it on all three tubs. Next, I cut out felt and wrapped it around and Mrs. M hot glued the felt to the tubs. The Mrs. M hot glued all three together. I did this all by myself but hot glue. I really didn't have any trouble.

My instrument was played by hitting the wax paper. You can change the volume by hitting them hard or soft but you can't really change the pitch. You can play it by beating on it.

My reaction was, "Wow!" we got to make an instrument for a grade. I liked making it because we didn't have to do a lot of research and stuff like that. I learned from this project anyone can make something if they really try.